Every year the ADM Exploration Foundation receives requests from explorers around the world seeking our assistance for worthwhile projects. You can be part of our efforts to ensure important underwater exploration, science, and education continues by making a tax-deductible contribution to the ADM Exploration Foundation.

Exploration, discovery, and research requires an immense amount of recourses, the dedication of many specialized individuals, and an ever increasing amount of funding either through the donation of equipment or legal tender.

The ADM Foundation is your gateway to contribute to the current or up-coming sponsored projects.

If you have a specific sponsored project you wish your donation to be contributed, please provide details inside the comments box on the on-line donation form.

Previous Funding Organizations
U.S. Dept. of Reclamation Instituto Nacional de Antropologia
Museum of Dominican Man The Explorers Club
The Leakey Foundation Texas A&M
Whitefish Point Historical Society Department of Antiquities, Bahama
Museum of Man - Guatemala Southwest Water Management
Departamento de Conservación y Manejo