With over 15 years of exploration in the Yucatan and over 1000 Cenotes discovered, documented, and explored, The ADM Exploration Foundation leads the way into the Maya underground.

Working closely with SEDUMA (Yucatan's Geological Dept) and INAH (Mexico's Archeological Dept) our team has provided an atlas of previously unknown sites, discovered multiple ancient Maya sites, and assisted with the recovery and preservation of priceless cultural relics.

Our next expedition moves us into a new “uncharted” zone located to the northeast of Merida. With the assistance of SEDUMA, we will spend eight days in the field exploring, documenting, and diving as many new Cenotes as possible.

These expeditions are not for the meek. Sleeping and housing conditions will be poor, food will be bland, and the days will be long and hot. Each explorer must be side mount - full cave certified with a minimum of 200 cave dives and minimal climbing experience.  

Project Goals

Locate, document, and explore as many new Cenotes as possible within the eight days.

2. Complete a basic survey of all cave systems
3. Produce an HD video about all sections of the expedition.
4. Capture still photography images of all diving activities.
5. Compile and provide all new data back to Seduma.
6. Provide IHAH with location and images of any new discovered artifacts.
7 Produce a "Yucatan 2015" HD film documentary.
8. Scout new locations of continued exploration.

Only 2 additional cave exploration spots are available for this up-coming expedition.

Cost of the expedition is $1850.00 USD. (Does not include air flights, baggage, or personal purchases)

If you wish to apply for this or future expeditions, please complete and submit the below online form.

Exloration Team Members
Team Coordinator

Curt Bowen


Walter Pickel

Technical Data

James Smith

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Idee Belau


Jim Culter